50 civil organizations condemn US designation of Anssarullah

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About 50 civil society organizations, human rights and relief organizations, a syndicate, a center and a Yemeni initiative condemned the US classification of Anssarullah as a “terrorist organization.”
The organizations stressed, in separate statements, that the decision will have catastrophic repercussions on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, peace efforts and the humanitarian response. The organizations held the United States fully responsible for the repercussions resulting from the decision.
The organizations referred to the terrorist practices of the US administration against the Yemeni people for the past six years through the Saudi-led coalition and blockade that contradicts all international values and legislation.
Associations, institutions and organizations have made it clear that the US administration’s intention to classify Anssarullah as the so-called terrorist list is nothing but a matter of obtaining political and economic gains from Riyadh, which is preparing for the recent arrangements to announce normalization with the Israel .
The organizations also affirmed in their statement their categorical rejection of the American decision against Anssarullah, expressing their disapproval of the inclusion of any country, organization or component and anyone who is hostile to America in the American terrorist lists.
In their statement, the organizations indicated that the USA and Israel are the source of terrorism and arrogance, and they are the ones who export terrorism to the world, stressing that the United States, especially during Trump’s term, is the most terrorist and sponsor of terrorism in the world.
The statements called on the United Nations, the Security Council and all human rights and humanitarian organizations to take a responsible stance, rejecting this reckless and irresponsible decision.

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