Dozens Saudi Airstrikes Hit Several Province

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About 30 airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit on Wednesday several Yemeni provinces, a security official in Sana’a said.
The official affirmed that the coalition warplanes waged 14 strikes on the dsiticts of Serwah, Rahba, Jabal Murad, Mahliya and Harib of Marib province.
The sources indicated that the coalition air forces launched eight raids on Saada province, which were distributed to Al-Zahir district, the city of Saada, the communications network in Al Ammar area, and Kahlan camp.
The capital Sanaa, the coalition fighter jets targeted the areas of Al-Nahdain and Al-Nahdha with three strikes.
Meanwhile, the warplanes waged a strike on Qa Al-Haq in the district of Dhuran Anas of Dhamar province.

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الدفاع تستبعده من ديباجة قراراتها ومسؤول يؤكد انقطاع التواصل به.. ارتفاع الشكوك بوفاة هادي

كشف مسؤول في حكومة الشرعية أن التواصل مع الرئيس عبدربه منصور هادي منقطع منذ حوالي شهر، وهو ما يعزز...

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