Six Years of War Left 13,000 Civilian Casualties of Women and Children

Entesaf Organization for Rights of Women and Children has announced the number of children and women who are victims of Saudi war against Yemen have exceeded 13,131 martyrs and wounded during six years.

In a statement, the organization stated the number of dead women and children reached 6,198 martyrs, including 2, 397 women and 3, 801 children.

The statement made clear the number of wounded reached 6,933, including 2,806 women and 4,127 children. The statement stated 200 children are born every day and are sentenced to death if hospitals and medical centers are completely cut off due to the shortages of fuel which threatens hospital nurseries to be closed.

Yemen also loses 100,000 newborns due to the blockade at a rate of six children every two hours. It pointed to the effects of the war’s detention of oil derivative ships on the health sector, indicating the scarcity of fuel threatens to stop more than 1500 hospitals and health centers while 400 blood banks and laboratories also threatens the lives of thousands of patients with death.

The statement mentioned the lives of more than 5, 200 patients with kidney failure are threatened with death due to the severe shortage of oil derivatives designated for 15 dialysis centers in a number of provinces while nearly 200,000 diabetics need insulin that needs adequate cooling.

It pointed out about 600,000 premature babies need nurseries to survive, more than 300 Yemeni children die every day, and more than 3 million children suffer from malnutrition, more than 400,000 of whom are severely malnourished. According to the statement, 1,200,000 women suffer from malnutrition, half of whom are pregnant, and more than 8,000 women die every year due to the blockade.

It also indicated the closure of Sana’a International Airport caused the death of more than 80,000 patients who were in urgent need of treatment abroad, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health.

Organization’s president Somaya al-Taifi held the aggression coalition led by the United States of America and Saudi Arabia responsible for all crimes and violations against innocent civilians, especially women and children, over a period of six years.

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