Al-Houthi Reveals Facts on Military Industrialization

A member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, confirmed that Yemen Republic has relied on pure Yemeni expertise, in the field of military industrialization.

Al-Houthi explained in an interview with Al-Masirah TV on Wednesday evening that Yemeni experts in the field of military manufacturing had experiences before September 21 revolution, in addition to the children of the revolution.

During the interview, Al-Houthi reviewed the achievements made in the agricultural sector, with the close follow-up of the revolution leader and the political leadership.

A member of the Supreme Political Council pointed out that judicial work continues, whether through the Supreme Judicial Institute and the prosecution of counterfeiters, and he talked about what has been achieved in the real estate registry and the various stalled cases through which we seek to purify the judiciary, explaining that judges are performing their duties despite the salary crisis.

Al-Houthi bet on the awareness of justice system men, as they are men of law, in order to overcome the obstacles left by the previous regime

He emphasized that the coalition worked throughout the pre-war years to thwart the educational level and targeted the educational sector in a large way, indicating that there is a vision for the educational sector presented to the Ministry of Higher Education, it is currently in the process of studying and work is underway to achieve a quantum leap in this field..

Al-Houthi said: “The blockade and aggression delay the implementation of many steps in the national vision for building the state,” calling on the brothers in various institutions and ministries to continue to work hard to overcome all challenges.

With regard to Sana’a initiative on revenues, a member of the Supreme Political Council stated that Sana’a initiative benefits all Yemeni people, and the other party’s rejection to this initiative shows to all republic’s employees who is the one hindering the payment of salaries.

Al-Houthi pointed out that British role is bad because it is a partner in the aggression, with its plane and its team of experts participate in the Saudi bombing on Yemeni people, while the Russian role is considered weak so far, which Sana’a hopes that Russia will have a greater role in rejecting the aggression and siege on Yemen.

A member of the Supreme Political Council emphasized that the future of the political solution is linked to the awareness of Yemeni people, appreciating the steadfastness of the great Yemeni people, the rock that broke all the enemy’s plots against Yemen.

He added, “We did not care about the enemy when it was at its height, and today we will not care about continuing the confrontation, because our position is defensive and our defense on the homeland is a sacred duty.”

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