Extending curfew in Marib 

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Hadi’s authority in Marib announced on Wednesday, the expansion of the curfew in the city.

This indicates a state of confusion in which it is living amid increasing fears that the city will fall into the hands of Sana’a forces, as the battles intensify at its main entrances, and it looked forward to a large operation by Sana’a forces.
The Military Emergency Committee approved the imposition of a curfew in the city from one at night until eleven in the afternoon without specifying the dates for the end of this ban.
The same committee approved two days ago to impose a night curfew only.
Although the committee is trying to reduce the seriousness of the situation by talking about corona outbreak, and the governorate did not appear on the list of Hadi Supreme Committee to confront the epidemic except rarely, but the timing of the ban through which Hadi forces try to prevent any movement of factions suspected of loyalty to Sana’a inside the city, indicates the size of fears from imminent fall to the city.
The clashes continued during the past hours at the western entrance of the city, specifically at Al- Kassarah fronts and the Red Tale.
Meanwhile, the coalition warplanes launched more than 16 raids on these areas during the past 24 hours.
The weeks-long confrontations came amid reports of a large anticipated operation by Sana’a forces to take control of the city, which they considered in a recent report by Shura Council a den of extremist groups led by Islah.
Meanwhile, international parties continued to spread concerns about the repercussions of Marib fall, where the United Nations re-move the file of displaced persons. Although Islah itself announced during the past few days the closure of more than 27 displacement camps in Marib, after securing them by Sana’a forces.
On the same level, the American Al-Hurrah channel predicted in a report that the city would soon fall, which it said has become a weakness point for Biden administration, which is trying to divert the huge military deployment to the Middle East, to counter what it described as a growing Russian-Chinese influence.
The channel indicated that the fall of the city, the last stronghold of Saudi Arabia in northern Yemen,
It may constitute a turning point in the Yemeni file, and give what it calls Houthis a trump card, at the negotiating table, perhaps an advance towards the south, which means an end to the “legitimate” government that faces separatist conflicts in its last strongholds in the south.

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