Torrents killed Four People Dead, Damaged 84 Homes in Hadramout

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At least four people died and 84 houses were damaged on Sunday evening in the historic city of Trim of Hadramout province, southern Yemen, due to the flow of torrents resulting from the heavy rains witnessed by the province.

Dozens of pictures obtained by the Alkhabar Alyemeni showed the extent of the destruction and collapse of the historic mud buildings due to the heavy rains and the floods that swept the World Heritage-listed city.

Local sources said the heavy rains caused floods that destroyed houses and washed away countless cars and vehicles.

Urgent appeals have been launched to rescue families trapped in floods in the several areas.

The sources noted that the rainfall in the Damoun Valley, north of Trim, has unusually reached sites it has not reached in decades.

This comes amid a deliberate disregard for the suffering of citizens by the local authority and Saudi-allied “Hadi government”.

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