Accusations to WFP of Importing a Shipment of Rotten Wheat to Yemen

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The Yemeni Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control revealed a spoiled wheat shipment that imported by United Nations World Food Program, to Hodeida port.

The authority informed the customs administration in Hodeida port that the shipment, which contains 250,000 bags of wheat (white flour) and was imported from Turkey, is rotten, as there are dead insects inside the bags.

Although the World Food Program says that importing shipments comes by offering import tenders to Yemeni merchants, however, the frequent arrival of spoiled cargos puts the world food in front of accusations of deliberately importing spoiled shipments, for its low prices.

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لأول مرة.. إجراء عملية جراحية في إيران بواسطة روبوت محلي الصنع

أجريت في العاصمة الايرانية طهران في مستشفى الإمام الخميني، ومستشفى سينا في طهران، عملية جراحية عن بعد عن طريق...

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