STC Suspends Participation in Riyadh Consultations

The Southern Transitional Council announced the suspension of its participation, in the consultations to complete the implementation of Riyadh Agreement, against the background of arresting southern leaders, east of the country.

The spokesman of the Council, Ali Al-Kathiri, announced in a statement the participation suspending in the consultations, while Hadi government did not immediately comment on this.

Al Kathiri accused Hadi forces of arresting a number of STC leaders, among them is the head of the local the council leadership in Hadhramaut (southeast) Ja’afar Abu Bakr, and his deputy, Hassan Saleh Al-Amoudi.

He explained that the arrest took place while these leaders were passing through a military checkpoint in Shabwah province (south), which is under the control of Hadi government.

Al-Kathiri added: “In the face of this terrorist act, we announce that the delegation of STC suspended its participation in the consultations to implement Riyadh Agreement, and hold these militias and their references in the Yemeni legal system responsible for the consequences of these actions.”

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