Sana’a Forces Advanced West of Marib

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Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) on Monday controlled over the last strongholds of the Saudi-led coalition forces and Al-Qaeda militants in “Al-Balaq Al-Qibli” mountain range, in west of Marib city, local sources said.

The sources added that a commander in the coalition forces, called “Hamad bin Salem Al-Arada”, was killed, in addition to dozens of the coalition troops were killed and wounded during the Al-Balaq Al-Qibli battle.

The clashes are currently taking place between the two parties on the fronts of “Wadi Nakhla” and “Dash Al-Haqn” area, northwest of Marib, amid confirmed news of a major advance by the Sanaa forces towards the city from the western side.

The sources indicated that the coalition warplanes carried out intensive raids targeting many areas of “Al-Balaq” mountains.

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دفاع سعودي وتبرير اردني وواقع مغربي ..ربيع إسرائيل يزهر عربيا

خطفت إسرائيل، الاثنين، الأضواء مجددا في العالم العربي، ليس بسبب الغارات الجديدة على قطاع غزة  والتي سبق للعاهل الأردني...

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