Houthis’ Defenses Shot Down New US Spy Plane in Marib

Sana’a forces’ air defenses shot down on Tuesday an American combat-spy aircraft of the Saudi-led coalition “Scan Eagle” while it was carrying out hostile actions in Marib province.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, confirmed, in a statement, that a US-made “Scan Eagle” plane was shot down while it was carrying out hostile missions in the sky in Serwah district of Marib province.

The operation is documented by the military media, he added.

It is noteworthy that the air defenses managed last Sunday to shoot down a spy plane of the same type in the same area.

The “Scan Eagle” plane was built by the ” Insitu” company of the American company Boeing, with a value of $11.25 million, and it is an unmanned reconnaissance plane that works to locate targets accurately from the air.

This aircraft is characterized by its small size compared to its counterparts in the regular armies, which facilitates its transportation. It is also equipped with an electro-optical surveillance camera and another infrared camera.

The role of this type of aircraft emerged during the American war on Iraq, as it carried out more than 1,000 sorties over Iraqi areas.

General Characteristics for Scan Eagle:

Primary Function: Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

Contractor: Boeing, Inc. and Insitu Group

Power Plant: 3W 2-stroke piston engine; 1.5 horsepower

Wingspan: 10.2 feet (3.1 meters

Length: 3.9 feet (1.19 meters)

Weight: 39.7 lbs (18 kilograms)

Speed: 55-80 mph

Endurance: 20 + hours

Operating Altitude: 16,000 feet air ground level (4,876 meters)

System Cost: approximately $3.2 million (2006 dollars)

Payload: High resolution, day/night camera and thermal imager

Inventory: Active force, 1 system

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