Taiz: Houthis Seize Five Million of Banned Currency

اخترنا لك

The Rescue Forces branch in Khadir district of Taiz province (loyal to Houthis) seized five million and 285 thousand and 900 riyals of illegal currency printed by the Saudi-backed government in Aden to harm the national economy.

The Rescue Forces branch stated that the person in whose possession the money was seized, was referred to the competent authorities to complete the legal procedures.

أحدث العناوين

أسعار الصرف بصنعاء و عدن الثلاثاء – 19/10/2021

الريال اليمني مقابل السعودي صنعاء شراء = 158.3 ريال بيع = 158.5 ريال عدن شراء = 348 ريال بيع = 350 ريال الريال اليمني مقابل الدولار صنعاء شراء...

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