Seven Million Dollars and Five Million Saudi Riyals the Salaries of 2000 Employees of “Legitimacy

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Activists circulated on Tuesday, on social media, revealing the size of what is being spent by Hadi government on nearly two thousand employees in its entourage.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

This coincides with a collapse of the economic situation amid signs of a forthcoming famine and an outcry over the massive corruption of   “legitimacy” symbols.

The widely circulated unveiling, it does not include the dues of Hadi, and his deputy, Mohsen and their entourage, as they are directly spent from a special account from oil and gas revenues that are sold and supplied to the National Bank of Saudi Arabia. It also does not include incentives and rewards that spent outside the budget.

The disclosure, which its reporters said that they relied on multiple sources to find out the amount of looted money monthly, indicates that Hadi’s Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, received alone a salary of $10,000, that is, approximately six million riyals at the exchange rate of the areas under its control, in addition to 5 million Saudi riyals delivered to him as an operating budget for his office per month. These amounts do not include commissions and other transactions that take place outside the budget statements.

In addition to a certain, about 2016 employees who are the underpinnings of what so called “legitimacy” receive more than 7 million dollars in salaries. These sums are sufficient for hundreds of thousands of Yemenis whose salaries suspended by Hadi government, whether in areas under its control or in the areas of what it describes as “Houthis.”

The disclosure was launched as part of a campaign on social media that carried the hashtag #We will not_be silent and the #timeout needs a national government in an explicit demand to dismiss the current government. This reflects popular anger over the imbalances that caused further collapse to the currency and the subsequent rise in food prices.

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