Coalition Refuses Permission to Hadi’s Official to Visit Mayyun

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Yemeni media sources revealed that the Saudi-Emirati coalition refused to grant legitimacy permission to visit Socotra Island.

The director of Yemen file in Al-Jazeera channel, Ahmed Al-Shalafi, wrote that the legitimate government has kept silent as the silence in the graves and it did not say anything about the presence of foreign forces on Mayyun Island after the important Island became a site run by Emirates, Israel and Saudi Arabia. According to information, the government’s request to visit the Island, which has become an impregnable fortress for these countries, was rejected.

He added: The construction and works carried out by Emirati side were designed to hold on for decades, as they are in Socotra, Saudi Arabia and UAE cannot decide the status of the Island without returning to Israel, which is interested in Mayyun, specifically, after clear agreements between the three countries.

Al-Shalafi said that the legitimate government has no choice but to remain silent or expressly declare refusal, this is useless, but it is a discharge of blame in front of Yemenis, or participating with the three countries in the conspiracy against Mayyun Island, Bab al-Mandab, and the entire coast, which is run by the military, Tariq Saleh, and his brother Ammar’s intelligence services, in the interest of UAE and Israel.

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