Coalition Warplanes Renewed Hit Sana’a, Waged 28 Airstrikes on Marib, Jawf

The warplanes of Saudi-led coalition have renewed its airstrikes on residential neighborhoods in the capital Sanaa, northern Yemen, a security official said on Thursday

According to the official, the coalition carried out a raid a raid on the Rural Water Corporation in Al-Thawra District, which resulted in damage to the homes and properties of citizens and causing a state of panic among the residents.

The coalition’s warplanes targeted, with two raids, the communications network in Al-Mahajar area in Hamdan District.  Moreover, the coalition also launched a raid on the Dhabwa area in Sanhan District.

The coalition’s raids on Sana’a came in conjunction with launching 25 airstrikes al-Jubah and Sirwah districts in Marib province.

The coalition’s fighter jets attacked on Thursday various areas in Marib and Jawf provinces with series of air strikes over the past hours, a security source in Sana’a government said.

The coalition warplanes launched 22 raids on Al-Jaouba and Al-Wadi districts, and two others hit Serwah district in Marib province, while the aircrafts in Jawf attacked al-Maraziq area of Khub Washaaf district four times, the source added.

on Wednesday, the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets launched 26 air strikes on Marib and Hodeidah provinces, security sources said.

The sources affirmed that coalition warplanes targeted Marib province with 25 raids concentrated on areas in Jaouba and Serwah districts.

Coalition aircrafts attacked Hays district of Hodeidah province one time, the sources added.

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