US Intelligence Leaks Coordinates of Saudi Strategic Installations to Houthis

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US intelligence leaked On Tuesday, pictures of Saudi strategic facilities, in a move that may reflect Washington’s desire to target them by “Houthis”.

Pictures published by the American, “CNN”, whose photos were downloaded via satellites and Google search engine, belong to what CIA says a ballistic missile factory that Saudi Arabia is establishing with the help of China.

The channel reported that US intelligence had informed the National Security Council and officials in administration of Joe Biden that China had begun transferring high-tech technology and equipment, in favor of building ballistic missiles in Saudi Arabia after Saudi Arabia was buying missiles.

The channel quoted experts as saying that the Biden administration is facing new complications in the region that may complicate its efforts to conclude a new nuclear agreement with Iran.

The timing of the leakage comes at a time when the escalation between Sana’a and Riyadh has reached its peak, which indicates that US deliberately leaked the coordinates in the hope that Sana’a would succeed in destroying it.

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