Sana’a Sets Conditions for Accepting UN Calls for Ceasefire

Member of Sana’a negotiating delegation in, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, revealed on Saturday Sanaa’s conditions for accepting UN calls for a ceasefire in Yemen.

Al-Ajri addressed the United Nations on Twitter, saying, “The seriousness of the international call for peace in Yemen must be translated into a collective economic cease-fire on Yemenis first.”

“Stop the mass economic bombing on the Yemeni people so that your call for a ceasefire will have meaning,” he added.

Al-Ajri has confirmed that “preparations for UAE’s involvement in the war against Yemen began when the US became certain that the Marib battle was about to be resolved.”

“In our last meeting with the UN Envoy, we told him that they had a defect in understanding on the issue, and that the insertion of the UAE would not have an impact on changing our position, which requires solving the humanitarian issue first,” Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri told Almasirah TV.

He pointed out that “as long as the UAE is in the war, it should expect a painful response, and this continuation if the battle will cost it more than it expected,” adding that “we only target those who targeted us, and it is the obvious that we respond to the source of the threat, whoever it is, as long as it has a hand in the war against Yemen.

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