Oncology Center: 50% Incidence of Cancer Rose During War Years

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The National Center for Cancer Treatment revealed, on Tuesday, that the rate of cancer has increased, during the years of the war on Yemen, by more than 50% compared to before, it pointed out that the number of cases he received “has reached 78000 sick cases, including 37000 sick cases during the past few years.”

The Director General of the Center, Dr. Abdullah Thawabeh, said in a press conference, “There is a shortage of more than 50% of medicines for cancer patients, especially targeted and chemotherapy drugs, because of suppliers’ reluctance to import them as a result of aggression countries obstructions to their entry.”

He revealed that the death toll for cancer patients has increased, reaching 300 deaths annually from cancer patients. Warning that the center’s activities will stop during the next two months, as a result of the coalition’s continuation to prevent oil derivatives from entering the Hodeida port.

In the same context, the Undersecretary of Health ministry in Sana’a, Ali Jahaf, said that more than 3,000 cancer patients need to travel for treatment abroad, their lives are threatened due to the closure of Sana’a International Airport and the prevention of medicines entry. Noting that there are catastrophic repercussions for World Health Organization’s announcement to stop the entry of cancer drugs into Yemen, and the obstacles of the Saudi-Emirati alliance.

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