Al-Mashat: 8th Year Will Be Full of Surprises

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President of pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, Mahdi al-Mashat, stressed that the eighth year will be full of surprises if the enemy does not Account for new developments.

“Our initiative came in this form to reach the legitimate rights of our people, pointing siege-breaking Op. have absolutely nothing to do with so called “Riyadh Consultations” He said.

He added, “We want serious efforts to reach comprehensive solutions,” explaining that “there is no relationship between declaring our readiness for dialogue in a neutral country and what is being arranged in Riyadh.”

Al-Mashat added that: we are ready if there is a serious peace process, pointing out that we have repeatedly presented clear and correct visions that lead to a comprehensive political solution and end all manifestations of Saudi-led coalition.

He also indicated that we submitted a humanitarian paper to the UN envoy before the Security Council session, but there was no response, pointing out that the enemies have ambitions and we have rights for our people that we are working to achieve at all levels.

He revealed that the United Nations and many international parties and even enemies admit to us in bilateral conversations that our proposal is logical.

President Al-Mashat pointed out that it is difficult to receive UN envoy who is unable to pressure Saudi coalition to allow enter fuel, considered If the UN is unable to pressure US-Saudi Forces to allow enter fuel then the UN is incapable of anything else.

“Coming in the 8th year by trusting in God with strong army, with our ballistic missiles, long-range drones that hurts Saudi coalition, with our war production and naval weapons that drown the Saudi coalition. We come to the new year with civil industrialization to establish a civilized renaissance that serves economic of Yemeni people” Sayyed Abdulmalik said.

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