British, Israeli Officers Arrive on Yemeni Island of Abdul-Kuri

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An Emirati plane carrying 16 military commanders, including foreigners, believed to be of British and Israeli nationalities, has arrived in the Socotra archipelago, occupied by the UAE, informed sources told Yemen Press Agency on Friday.

The sources confirmed that British and Israeli military leaders arrived on the island with the aim of putting the final touches on the Emirati- Israeli military base on Abdul-Kuri Island.

The UAE had carried out 90-mile military construction on Abdul-Kuri Island, west of Socotra archipelago, including a dirt runway, sea ports, and roads, in addition to fencing an area as a monitoring center for the Israeli Navy towards the Gulf of Aden and Bab al-Mandab Strait near the Horn of Africa during the past six months, after the island’s residents were displaced to Qusayr area in Hadramout province.

The UAE also imposed its control over six oil sectors on the Yemeni island of Abdul-Kuri.

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