Tariq Saleh’s Forces Control the Most Important Oil Fields in Shabwah

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The forces of the Southern Giants expelled on Saturday, Islah factions from the most important oil fields in Shabwah, southeast of Yemen.
Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:
Tribal sources in Bayhan reported that the forces of the Fifth Brigade, giants led by Abu Harun al-Yafi’i, subordinate to Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, Tariq Saleh’s deputy in the Joint Forces Command in the West Coast, took control of the oil fields in Jannah Hunt.
These fields, which supply oil to Safer facility in Marib, had witnessed, during the past few days, tension between tribes loyal to the conference and Islah forces that protect the fields of an American company, this is after the tribal militias, for whom Saghir bin Aziz formed a camp some time ago, took control of the fields and close the oil taps leading to Safer.
The storming of the southern giants to the oil fields came following the issuance of the conference governor in Shabwah, Awad Ibn al-Wazir, a decision to the transitional council to hand over , the most important revenue institutions in the oil province.
The decision appointed two members of the Transitional Presidency in Shabwah as directors of the Oil Company and the Tax Authority this indicates a rapprochement between the two poles of the Emirates, “Tariq and the Transitional”, after a wave of tension between the two parties.

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