Sana’a Airport Can Receive All Types, Sizes of Aircraft: Official  

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Yemenia Airlines third civil commercial flight arrived at Sana’a International Airport from Queen Alia Airport in Amman, carrying 271 citizens.

The Minister of Transport in Sana’a government, Abdulwahab Al-Durra, said in a statement that the technical team at Sana’a International Airport was able to rehabilitate and equip the night lighting of the main runway for the landing and take-off of planes to and from the airport.

Al-Durra praised the efforts of the Civil Aviation Authority, Sana’a Airport Administration, the engineers and technicians to rehabilitate and equip the lighting. He said, “Sana’a Airport can receive all aircraft flights of different types and sizes taking off and landing during the evening period after a hiatus that lasted for years due to the airport being bombed several times by the Saudi-led coalition.”

He added, “Sana’a International Airport is ready to receive all civil, commercial and humanitarian flights 24 hours a day and at any time with high technical and professional readiness in accordance with the international conditions and requirements applicable in international airports.”

The Yemeni aircraft, Airbus A330, has received all the air navigation and ground services applicable at international airports in accordance with international requirements and conditions and the ICAO Civil Aviation Organization.

The third flight of Yemenia Airlines took off on Wednesday from Sana’a International Airport, heading to the Jordanian capital, Amman, with 273 passengers on board.

The travelers praised the efforts made to operate civil commercial flights from Sanaa Airport, expressing their hope that flights from Sana’a Airport will continue permanently to all countries of the world.

This flight is the third out of 16 included in the humanitarian truce announced by the United Nations in early April.

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