National Women’s Committee Condemns Kidnapping, Torture of Al-Qahali

The National Women’s Committee in Sana’a condemned on Thursday the kidnapping and torture of female citizen Fatima Al-Qahali in Aden city, south of Yemen.

Head of the committee, Dr. Ghada Abu Talib, visited Fatima al-Qahali, who was kidnapped and tortured by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council militias in Aden while she was preparing to travel for treatment abroad.

Abu Talib affirmed the committee’s full solidarity with Al-Qahali, in demanding accountability and punishment of the perpetrators of the crime of her kidnapping without any accusations.

She called on all the free people in general and the Yemeni tribes in particular to declare tribal Al-Nakf to purify all Yemeni lands from the loyal forces of the Saudi – Emirati coalition.

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