Presidential Council Brings Southern Provinces Back to Square Zero: Politician

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A southern politician confirmed that the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council has brought the southern provinces back to Square Zero, in the conflict between the “legitimacy” and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The politician and academic of the University of Aden, Abdulrahman Al-Wali, noted that the “Presidential Council”, whose primary concern was to strengthen its influence and settling of   scores, leaving Aden as it had been seven years of ruin.

He stated that the decision of the Al-Alimi Council is not in his hands, and whoever has the decision serves the breakdown, pointing out that “the governor and his council in Aden in 2012 were the first to distribute weapons and drugs”.

Al-Wali explained that Aden lives without security and electricity services. It is in the worst conditions, stating that Aden has become a special place for thug men and bribery, stating that “the fox is guarding the hen house”, in a reference to the STC’s militias.

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