Houthi Official Confirms Commitment of Sana’a Gov. to Salaries Agreement

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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance in government of Sana’a Rashid Abu Lahoum on Tuesday reiterated the readiness of the national side in Sana’a to allocate the revenues of oil ships in the port of Hodeida to pay the salaries of all state employees if the other party committed to covering the deficit gap in salary amount according to the Stockholm Agreement.

In a statement, the Deputy Prime Minister mentioned the Leader of the Revolution’s principled position, which came before the Stockholm Agreement, and stressed the national party’s readiness to allocate all revenues of oil and other ships to pay salaries.

Abu Lahoum pointed out that the Salvation Government is committed to supplying all revenues from oil derivatives ships to the account of the Central Bank branch in Hodeida province, according to the agreement with the United Nations.

He pointed out that the head of the Supreme Political Council, in his speech during the graduation ceremony of a number of security forces, affirmed Sanaa’s commitment to what was agreed upon regarding salaries.

Abu Lahoum renewed his demand for the United Nations to implement what was agreed upon and to cover the difference in oil and gas revenues that are looted by Saudi-backed government to cover the payment of salaries in all provinces.

He explained that the Salvation Government, eight months after the Stockholm Agreement, unilaterally and under the direction of the President of the Supreme Political Council, opened an account at the Central Bank branch in Hodeida in August 2019, in implementation of what was agreed upon after the other party’s procrastination in this regard.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs accused the Saudi coalition and its loual forces of repudiating the salary-disbursement agreement from the first moment of signing the agreement with flimsy justifications, calling on the United Nations to do its duty in this regard.

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