Al-Alimi Arranges Permanent Residence for Members of Presidency in Egypt

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Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the authority loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen, began on Tuesday arrangements for permanent residence for members of his new “presidential” council. In a move indicating the exclusion of the Council’s return to Aden.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

On his visit to the new administrative capital of Egypt, Al-Alimi inspected villas that are specially equipped for his deputies.

Sources in Maeen government reported that the villas were purchased at the expense of Saudi Arabia, within the new scheme of the administrative capital, it pointed out that the complex for the presidential members also includes a palace for meetings.

Al-Alimi had arrived a few days ago in the Egyptian capital, where he used Al-Qubba Palace as the headquarters of his meetings.

Al-Alimi’s new moves indicate his tendency to keep the council’s meetings outside Yemen, instead of Aden, which remained the subject of disagreements among the deputies due to STC’s attempt to seize the parliament’s decision by force.

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