Terrifying Statistics for Manifestations of Lawlessness in Taiz

Various forms of security chaos continued in the city of Taiz, which is under the control of Saudi-Emirati coalition factions, while a number of civilians killed or wounded during the past 72 hours.

local sources indicated that armed men surrounded Al-Thawrah Hospital in Taiz, in order to liquidate a wounded person who was killed in the clashes that took place this morning in the city, while “lawyer Abdul-Malik Ahmed Sarhan was wounded by a number of bullets during the shooting near the judicial complex on the traffic tour” in the same city.

Activists on social media circulated a statistic of what happened during the 72-year period of lawlessness in the Taiz city. They described it as “terrifying”, including “the killing of a qat seller named Abdul Karim al-Sabri during an attempt to rob him by gunmen in the city.” In addition to the armed men cutting the line of Wadi Al-Qadi.

The statistic indicated the attack on Al-Judairi Police Department, looting its contents and kidnapping its members by an armed gang, it added, “Tamer Sidqi was assassinated in front of Jihad Mosque in Al-Nasiriyah area, after he left the mosque.”

He explained that work in the Operations Department of Al-Thawrah Hospital in the city of Taiz was suspended after the doctors were attacked by armed men, and back again to siege the hospital, the statistics pointed out that “a motorcyclist was killed in his house in Huodh Alashraf .”

Gunmen stormed Riyadh Hospital, in addition to another armed gang attacking shops and looting some of them. Also, “three people were injured in clashes between gunmen near the court complex in the city of Taiz.”

Observers expect the continuation of the “terrible” series of security chaos in Taiz city, as the alliance factions’ exchange accusations of managing chaos in the city, and drowning the people in violence for the purposes of serving each party separately.

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