Sana’a Celebrates “Wilayah” Day with Massive Public Events – Photos

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The capital Sana’a witnessed on Sunday mass activities to commemorate the anniversary of Imam Ali’s “Wilayah” day.

The squares of Tahrir, the west of the Military College, and the east of the People’s Mosque were crowded with crowds that flocked from all districts to commemorate this anniversary, while the women’s sector gathered in the squares of the People’s Mosque and the west of Al-Thawra Park.

The participants expressed their pride in commemorating the “Wilayah” day and their adherence to the approach of Imam Ali, and the embodiment of the love of Yemenis to him.

They considered the revival of Wilayah Day comes at a time when the arrogant countries are seeking to impose the guardianship of the Jews and Christians on the Arab and Islamic nation, and represents as a message to the enemies to renew the covenant and to follow those who Allah had commanded to follow their path.

At the celebration, Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj and Umrah Affairs in Sana’a government, Allama Fouad Naji, stressed the importance of commemorating the “Wilayah” day, which has meanings and connotations that reflect the reality of the nation that is committed to and believes in the approach of Imam Ali, the representative of true Islam based on guidance and guidance.

The participants renewed their loyalty to Allah, His Messenger and Imam Ali, and to follow their path in the face of the forces of arrogance and tyranny and their tools, renouncing the Jews and Christians.

Thousands of people flocked from all villages and isolated districts of the province of Sana’a, carrying slogans expressing the importance and the greatness of this anniversary and its place in the hearts of Yemenis.

A number of speeches were delivered, which confirmed that the commemoration of the anniversary of the Wilayah day is considered a renewal of the covenant, belonging and linking to the approach of the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, to achieve glory and honor in the life of the nation.

The words denounced the US President’s moves and visits, which exacerbate tension in the region, considering Saudi Arabia’s announcement of opening its airspace to Israeli occupation aircraft a major betrayal of the Islamic nation and the Palestinian cause.

The people of Sana’a considered the puppet regimes’ rushing to normalizing with Israel, opening embassies and expanding the frameworks and areas of cooperation with the usurping enemy as a disgrace on the forehead of these regimes.

They called on the United Nations to assume its responsibilities and get out of the state of complicity towards the continuation of the war against Yemen.

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