American, British and Emirati Forces Storm Sheikh Al-Huraizi’s Home

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The Committee of the peaceful sit-in of Al-Mahra people announced on Thursday that the house of Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, the head of the committee, was stormed by foreign forces.

The committee added in a statement that the occupying foreign = forces in Al-Mahra province stormed the house of Sheikh Al-Huraizi in the city of Al-Ghaydah and entered the fence and the yard of the house with four armored wagons, six military cars, and a photo-transport vehicle. The committee considered this act as “cowardly terrorist spying aggression”.

The committee said that the forces that stormed Al-Huraizi’s house were British, American and Emirati military intelligence, and troops of the military police in the province, noting that only two guards were present in the house.

The sit-in committee confirmed that it will not remain silent about this violation and its response will be in the appropriate time.

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