Americans Will Worry More: Anssarallah Bureau

Member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah, Ali Al-Qahoum, on Tuesday said that “the Americans will worry more if the demands of the Yemeni people are not implemented.”

This came in a tweet posted by Al-Qahoum on his Twitter page, commenting on the American statements that expressed the United States’ concern about the lack of progress in securing the extension of the armistice in Yemen.

Al-Qahoum stressed on the Yemeni people’s legitimate right to defend their dignity, sovereignty, and independence, and to declare a cessation of war announced by Washington and to end the siege.

Al-Qahoum added that “America is a spearhead in the ‘aggression’ against Yemen, and the Saudis and Emiratis are nothing but dirty tools that implement its diabolical project.”

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