Southern Leader: US Never Have Courage to Confront Yemeni People Directly

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Major General Khaled Baras, head of the Southern Movement, stressed that the United States is too cowardly to confront the Yemeni people directly.

He explained that the presence of the American “enemy in occupied “southern and eastern provinces comes with the aim of controlling Yemen’s Oil and Gas to compensate for the global energy crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

General Baras also stressed that the Yemeni people will not stand idly by in front of these violations of the US-Saudi alliance, calling on all the Yemeni people to confront and stop the theft and looting of national wealth.

He stressed that the Yemeni people, their leadership and national army will not allow the country to live the greatest humanitarian disaster in all aspects of life, while its wealth is stolen and looted.

Baras held the US-Saudi alliance to be fully responsible for the tampering and looting of the Yemeni people’s sovereign wealth, stressing that this is a full-fledged war crime. He stressed that the Yemeni people, with their steadfastness, exposed and thwarted all conspiracies against it.

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