Documents Reveal Looted Oil Exceeded 2.6 million Barrels per Month

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Al-Masirah TV revealed exclusive documents revealing the volume of crude oil exports looted by the Saudi-led coalition and its loyal forces before imposing the announcement of deterrence equation by the Sana’a forces to protect oil wealth.

The documents revealed that the volume of looted crude oil exports exceeded 2,600,000 barrels per month, and the documents also included records and tenders of the so-called Supreme Committee for Crude Oil Marketing to sell oil from Masila, Shabwa and Marib crudes with foreign companies.

The records of the sale of the looted oil indicated that the sales of Masila crude amounted to two million barrels per month, while the sales of Shabwa and Marib crude amounted to 600 thousand barrels per month.

The documents included records between parties in the Ministry of Oil of the mercenaries and the Emirati company ADNOC, which expected to double the exports of Shabwa and Marib crude to one million and 200 thousand barrels per month.

It also included a document issued by the leadership of the Ministry of Oil of the mercenaries, which called for accelerating the restoration of production in the oil sector 5, after the readiness of its facilities, with the aim of increasing the exports of the stolen oil.

It is worth noting that upon the end of the humanitarian and military truce on October 2, the armed forces announced a new deterrence equation, as they warned companies against continuing to loot Yemen’s crude oil, until an agreement is reached to supply revenues in favor of paying employees’ salaries.

Sana’a forces carried out two warning operations against oil looting ships, the first on October 21 against an oil ship that was intending to loot one million barrels of oil from the port of Al-Dhaba in Hadhramout province, and the second operation on November 10 targeted a ship intending to loot oil from the port of Qena in Shabwa province.

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