Taiz: Violent Clashes Renew between Sana’a, Coalition Forces

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Violent battles renewed on Sunday between the forces of Sanaa on the one hand and the coalition forces and its affiliated armed groups on the other, in the city of Taiz in southwestern Yemen, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that violent battles broke out between the parties in the northern fronts of Taiz city, noting that the coalition forces launched an attack that is the most violent in the last months and in multiple formats on the positions of Sana’a forces in the northern fronts of Taiz in conjunction with artillery shelling.

The sources reported that the fiercest battles were witnessed in the Negroes, Jarrah mountain and Osaifra areas, which resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides.

This attack comes two days after the coalition forces’ artillery bombarded the positions of Sana’a forces in several areas of the suburbs of Taiz city.

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