Seeks New Agreement with “Houthis”, America Refuses to Deploy Defensive Batteries in Eastern Yemen

The United States rejected on Wednesday, a proposal by Aden government to deploy defense systems in the oil regions in eastern Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

According to high-ranking sources in Aden government, US diplomats informed the prime minister of Aden gove. Maeen, that the plan to deploy “Patriot” defensive batteries in Hadhramaut and Shabwah is useless and a great risk. Noting that the Americans fear that the process of deploying defensive systems on Yemeni territory will cause an escalation on the conflict and may push to what it described as “Houthis” to invade those areas and seize the defense systems.

According to the sources, the Americans do not see the deployment of the systems in the oil areas useful. It may cause severe damage to the facilities there, as a result of the Patriot missiles, not to mention its ineffectiveness against low-flying drones.

The Americans suggested deploying troops on the ground with machine guns to hunt down the parades, with the deployment of warships in the nearby coasts to provide them with full support during any upcoming attack.

The sources confirmed that US officials at the embassy advised the prime minister Maeen to search for a political option, they made proposals that might contribute to reaching an agreement with Sana’a. It includes the payment of salaries and the sharing of oil revenues, a proposal that Americans have already called for its implementation several times.

The sources pointed out that the presence of US envoy in Muscat and Saudi Arabia is part of a new attempt to reach an agreement regarding oil revenues and the resumption of oil exports.

Maeen held a televised meeting late on Tuesday evening with the governors of the oil provinces in eastern Yemen. The most prominent of them are the governors of Shabwah, Marib and Hadhramaut.

The meeting discussed, according to official media sources, the possibility of deploying defense batteries to counter air attacks that prevented the smuggling of oil from its main export ports in eastern Yemen.

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