Coalition Expels about 1127 Workers from Aden Port

Aden’s Gulf of Ports Corporation, which is under the control of the coalition, expelled 1,127 workers from the port of Aden and threw them into the street of the city of Aden, south of Yemen, YPA reported on Wednesday.

Sources in Labor Union at the port stated that the corporation dismissed 1,127 workers from the loading and unloading offices in the port of Al-Mualla during the past days, due to their demand to rise wages and improve their living conditions.

The workers, in a protest rally outside the port on Tuesday in Aden, denounced the arbitrary measures taken by the corporation, demanding that they be returned to their work.

They held the coalition and the Riyadh Presidential Council in Aden fully responsible, asking them to listen to their legitimate demands, redress them for the abuse that befell them, and work to improve their living conditions.

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