Defection of New Batch of Coalition Fighters from Several Fronts

The National Center for Returnees in the capital Sana’a on Saturday received 10 returnees from the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition in a number of border areas, the coast and Marib province.

During the reception, Brigadier General Hisham Mansour Radman considered the return of the deceived to the homeland ranks “an additional victory for what the heroes of the armed forces achieved during the battle to defend the homeland against the “aggression coalition.”

He called on the rest of the deceived who are still in the ranks of the coalition to take advantage of the general amnesty decision to return to their areas in peace and security.

For their part, the returnees to the ranks of the homeland appreciated the armed forces’ noble dealing with them, which reflects their concern keenness on the return of those who were deceived by the slogans and falsehoods of the coalition.

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