Saudi-led Coalition Hands Over Al-Anad Base to Sudanese Forces

The Saudi-led coalition on Saturday ended Al-Anad base crisis, which is the most important strategic base, but handing it over to foreign forces.

Media outlets reported, quoting informed sources in Lahj, that the commander of the fourth military region, Fadhl Hassan, under the directives of the coalition, supervised the handover of the base to the Sudanese forces.

The Al-Anad base had witnessed tension between factions loyal to Saudi Arabia and others loyal to the UAE, following directives to replace the “Dera Al-Watan” factions as an alternative to the “First Support Brigade”.

According to the sources, the Saudi-led coalition instructed the Sudanese forces to hand over the military base, built by the Soviet Union, to the Homeland Shield Forces,  (formerly  known as “Al-Yaman AlSaeed Forces”.

The STC militia refused to leave the base and mobilized its fighters, taking a combat position in a clear rebellion against the orders of Saudi forces, the sources said, justifying its refusal by not having alternative headquarters.

Sources affirmed that the so-called “Shield of homeland forces” were deployed on the outskirts of Al-Anad base while waiting for Saudi forces to pressure the STC to evacuate the base.

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