Red Sea Ports Corporation Reveals Fate of 17 Ships Loaded with Food, Fuel

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The Red Sea Ports Corporation on Saturday confirmed in a statement that the Saudi-led coalition continued to detain ships loaded with food and oil derivatives in the Red Sea, preventing them from entering the port of Hodeida.

The corporation’s statement said that five ships loaded with rice, corn, soybeans, wheat and peas are expected to arrive at the port of Hodeida during the next week.

The statement also revealed the movement of ships, the names of some of the ships that arrived at the port of Hodeida, as follows:

According to YPA, Vessels moored at the quays of the port included a sugar ship, a wheat ship, a container ship, and a flour vessel.

Regarding the ships waiting in the draft for docking are seven oil derivatives ships – two wheat ships, a rice ship.

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