Saudi Bombing on Saada Left 2, 909 Civilian Casualties within a Year

A civilian was killed and eight others, including African immigrants, were wounded on Thursday as a result of Saudi bombing on border areas of Saada province, northern Yemen, a security source said.

This comes less than 24 hours after Saudi artillery shelling targeted the border districts of Shada, Razih and Monabeh in the province, leaving five civilian wounded, including three African immigrants.

Earlier on Thursday, at least two citizens were injured as a result of Saudi artillery shelling on the border district of Shada in Saada province.

According to the sources, the two wounded people arrived at Al-Talh Hospital, who were injured by Saudi artillery shelling on the border district of Shada.

On Wednesday, five civilians, including 3 African migrants, were wounded by Saudi artillery shelling on the border districts of Shada, Razih and Monabbih in the same province.

Various areas of the border districts in Saada are subjected to Saudi missile and artillery shelling, on a daily basis, resulting in heavy material losses.

Since last Friday, the Saudi bombing has escalated on the populated border villages in the Saada province, specifically Al-Raqo area in Munabeh district, killing and injuring more than 20 civilians.

This week, medical sources in Saada revealed statistics on the number of victims of Saudi bombing of the border areas since the signing of the armistice agreement in early April.

According to statistics, 2, 909 citizens, including African migrants, were killed and injured as a result of the artillery and missile strikes of the Saudi enemy army on the border areas of Saada since the beginning of this year.

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