Anxiety among STC and Islah Ranks on Rapprochement between Riyadh and Sana’a

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The forces loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen expressed on Sunday, its concern about rapprochement with Sana’a.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Leaders of Islah Party and the Transitional Council revealed fears of ambiguity surrounding the movements in the Yemeni file which is led by what they described as “Houthis”.

Saif Al-Hadari, head of Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper and Ali Mohsen’s media advisor, pointed to the party’s concerns about the arrangements that the coalition is preparing to build trust with Anssarallah, especially with regard to dissolving the Presidential Council and restructuring it in accordance with the stage.

Al-Hadari considered these moves aimed at uprooting the remaining party leaders in power.

In the same context, a member of the negotiating delegation in the transitional delegation, Yahya Ghaleb Al-Shuaibi, considered the emergence of Sanaa axis, the hometown of Tehran, in the Yemeni scene.

Hypnotizing the international role with the ambiguity of Riyadh’s position, Abu Dhabi reveals arrangements for a compromise solution, in reference to the coalition’s efforts who recently announced the burial of “separation delusions” in southern Yemen, and southern Saudi Arabia.

Al-Shuaibi pointed to the concern of the southern powers from these moves.

In recent days, the Yemeni file witnessed a new breakthrough with the arrival of an Omani delegation to Sana’a as part of efforts to revive the truce.

Sana’a and Riyadh showed positive signs about what is going on behind the scenes and what the Omani delegation carried.

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