Presidential Council Fails to Agree on the New Capital

Disputes on Wednesday, overshadowed a closed meeting of the Presidential Council devoted to discussing the return to the “temporary capital” or determining an alternative to it.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in Aden government reported that the meeting, which was hosted by Saudi Arabia, was under pressure from the Saudi ambassador, and aimed to reunite the members of the Council to work from inside Yemen. Noting that the meeting failed to agree on the residence of its members.

According to the sources, a team in the Presidential Council, such as Tariq Saleh, Abdullah Al-Alimi, and Othman Majali, along with Sultan Al-Arada, demanded that the headquarters of the meetings be moved to Hadhramaut province. On the other hand, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and Abu Zaraa Al-Mahrami refuse to transfer the capital from Aden.

The sources indicated that Al-Alimi put forward a proposal to stop STC from monopolizing decisions and imposing its agenda on the council, especially with regard to appointments in return for returning to Aden, but Al-Zubaidi asked to give time to discuss with the rest of the leaders, including UAE, who is currently there and supports his council.

Al-Bahsani’s positions are not known yet, despite his support for transfer the “temporary capital” from Aden, according to the sources.

The transitional factions recently refused to allow Al-Alimi’s return, on the condition that Al-Zubaidi, who is under house arrest in Abu Dhabi, be imposed by the coalition.

Saudi Arabia is trying to restore the power loyal to it from the internal Yemeni, especially with the signs of war return again and Riyadh’s efforts to get out of the quagmire in an agreement with Sana’a, hoping to portray the war as a “civilian one.”

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