Human Rights Activist Called for Closure of UAE’s Prisons in Southern Provinces

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Human rights activists have called for the closure of the UAE’s notorious prisons and detention centers in Aden and other southern provinces.

Anas Al-Shareek, an activist in the Observer Human Rights Organization in Aden, confirmed that prisons and detention centers in Aden and Lahj have become notorious, demanding these detention centers to be closed during the year 2023.

He said in a previous post: “It is a crime to enter 2023, and the notorious Waddah Hall detention center still exists, which is under the management of the Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia.

Al-Shareek indicated that dozens of forcibly disappeared people, most of whom are from Aden and Abyan are being held in this detention center

He pointed out that the presidency of the STC prevented the issuance of the license for the Organization, two years ago, to practice its activities and its natural and legal right.

It is worth mentioning that a number of Emirati officers supervise prisons and secret detention centers in Aden and the rest of southern provinces, where thousands of anti-coalition prisoners and detainees are subjected to various types of physical, psychological and sexual torture.

Hundreds of detainees and prisoners inside prisons and notorious detention centers were killed under torture, and their crimes were concealed by throwing detainees into the sea water, after tying stones on their bodies so that they would not float to the surface of the water.

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