Clashes Renew between Sana’a, Coalition Forces in Taiz, Lahj Front

Military confrontations renewed on Saturday between the forces of Sana’a and the coalition forces in areas separating the provinces of Taiz and Lahj in southern Yemen, local sources in Lahj province told the Yemeni Press Agency.

The source said that intermittent confrontations and artillery shelling renewed between the logical “people of Sala” belonging to Mawiya district and overlooking the area of “Habil Hanash” in Al-Mussaimir district.

The sources pointed out that the artillery of the “tenth brigade lightning” of the coalition shelled the positions of Sana’a forces along the contact line of the people of Sala and Habil Hanash minutes after the failure of an infiltration attempt for its soldiers.

The sources confirmed that the confrontations resulted in the death of the recruit “Fadel Al-Jabali”, one of the recruits of the first battalion of the tenth brigade.

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