Calls to Stop Selling Aden

Public anger escalated in Aden with the expansion of the campaign to sell residences and museums.

Activists on social media called for a campaign to stop selling everything related to Aden. Noting that the transitional authority in the city decided to sell the famous Aden Museum, whose contents were looted earlier.

Activists revealed that citizens managed to thwart another attempt to sell the “Abodust” outlet, while efforts to thwart the sale of another outlet near Aden Moal failed.

Aden is witnessing the sale of all public property.

It is not yet clear whether this step was by Aden government, which is trying to conclude the largest number of deals, including oil fields and government communications companies, before an expected change of its president, or the Transitional Council, which is preparing for a new phase by handing over Aden to its opponents.

It is noteworthy that the Transitional Council and Aden government waged a bitter struggle over the Land Authority, as the council’s factions earlier took control of the authority in Aden and expelled the director of PM Maeen office, who also holds the position of head of the authority.

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