Large Quantities of “Shrimp” Die in Mahra Shores

The coasts of Mahra province in eastern Yemen, have witnessed the death of large numbers of shrimps, Yemen News Portal reported on Thursday, based on testimonies of local sources.

According to sources, tons of dead shrimp spread along the beaches of Hawf district, east of Al-Mahra province, for kilometers.

The incident raised fears of marine pollution that caused the death of huge quantities of shrimp and other marine creatures, as foreign warships present near the coast of the directorate, which disposes of their toxic waste in Yemeni waters, in the complete absence of an official role in uncovering the causes.

Activists on social media circulated pictures of the death of huge quantities of shrimp on the coasts of Mahra province.

The activists attributed the cause of the shrimp’s death to the Emirati and foreign fishing companies bombing coral reefs to catch the shrimp needed in the global markets.

Activist, Saleh bin Salem Al-Mahri, said in a tweet on Twitter Huge amounts of shrimp covered the coast of Hof in Mahra, after they died in a strange and unprecedented way.

Al-Mahri did not rule out the reason for the shrimp’s death to be the overfishing of Emirati and foreign companies that plunder the Yemeni fish wealth.

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