Oil Plateau Crisis Strengthens Secession in Hadhramaut

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Hadhramaut witnessed a new round of mutual escalation between the governor of the conference, Mabkhout bin Madi, and his first agent, Amr bin Habrish, which threatens to divide the most important province in eastern Yemen.

Exclusive Alkhabar alyemeni:

While Bin Madi threatened to ally with the Transitional Council to overthrow the first military zone, Bin Habrish responded with a new tribal display.

Bin Madi refused, during an interview with the official Hadhramaut channel, to abandon STC factions in Barshaid Brigade and considered them part of the Hadhrami elite. It is confirmed at the same time that he refused the demands of Ibn Habrish to leave Mukalla.

STC flirted with attacking Yemeni unity and defending the state of the “Democratic Republic of Yemen.” In parallel with the attack of the northern powers and his demand for the exit of the first military affiliated with Islah.

These statements, by which Bin Madi wanted to respond to the accusations of the former tribal alliance of the GPC conference governor of complicity with the military deployment of the transitional in Mukalla, Bin Habrish quickly responded to them with a hastily held meeting in the city of Seiyun in Hadhramaut Valley, in the presence of leaders of the tribal alliance that he leads. He came out with a statement confirming that the procedures for recruiting 10,000 militants from the Hadhramaut tribes were under the supervision of the party.

The mutual accusations between the governor and the first agent may appear to be part of an escalating daily series since Saudi Arabia put down an incursion attempt by the transitional, but it is an indication that the situation in the oil-rich and strategically located province is heading towards a new division project for the province with its coastal part, the valley and the desert. It is a plan that was sought by many powers and supported by regional parties.

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