There Are No Serious Moves by UN towards Coalition’s Crimes in Yemen: Sana’a

Head of Sana’a team to monitor the ceasefire and redeployment in Hodeida, Maj. Gen. Ali Hammoud Al-Moshki, called on the United Nations team to provide demining equipment to reduce crimes against civilians.

This came during his meeting on Sunday with the head and members of the United Nations team to inform them on crimes that happened as a result of the coalition’s targeting of civilian objects.

Al-Moshki affirmed that the team did not see any international seriousness regarding the crimes of the coalition and the human tragedy, adding that most of the southern neighborhoods of the city of Hodeida being contaminated with mines and remnants of the coalition war.

The meeting reviewed the presence of elements of “al-Qaeda and ISIS” in the coalition-held territories and the UAE’s support for them, which constitutes a threat to international navigation, security and stability.

For his part, the head of the UN mission in Hodeida, General Michael Beary, said: “The mission is drafting a memorandum as a plan to facilitate mine clearance work.”

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