STC Mobilizes Its Supporters to Abyan

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias mobilized its supporters to gather in Mudiya district of Abyan province, south of Yemen.

Local sources told YPA that a mobilization came in response to the tribes’ crowds in the district.

This also came in tension between STC’s armed factions and Mudiya tribes, a week after they committed a horrific massacre against the members of Fahtan family.

Hundreds of supporters of the STC and its gunmen demonstrated in Mudiya district, the hometown of the outgoing president Hadi and Islah leaders, in a show of counter-escalation to confront the widespread tribal escalation taking place in the central areas to expel the STC militias.

Observers have seen that the escalation of the STC in the strongholds of the Islah party comes in light of its attempt to quell the state of mobilization that targets its military bases in the provinces, with the continued spread of al-Qaeda groups and the arrival of Islah reinforcements, in addition to Saudi Arabia’s opening of training camps for the tribes within the so-called “National Shield” forces.

Mudiya and all the central districts of Abyan have been witnessing, for days, a large-scale tribal movement against the STC militias, after the tribes established new camps to mobilize their fighters, as part of the arrangements to expel the militias.

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