Al-Qaeda Targets Sana’a Forces in Marib with Heavy Artillery

Islah militants backed by and al-Qaeda elements shelled positions of Sana’a forces, southwest of the city on Wednesday night.

Local sources in Marib told Yemen Press Agency that the artillery of the coalition forces stationed in the “Al- Naqaa Al-Suflaa” shelled the positions of Sana’a forces in the “Akad” area and the eastern Balaq mountain range.

According to the sources, artillery shelling was heard in large areas of Marib city.

This comes hours after armed groups of Islah militants reinforced by al-Qaeda elements and coalition recruits failed to carry out a march towards the Akad area east of the Balaq.

According to the sources, Dozens of the coalition forces were killed and injured. Among the dead, the commander of the military police branch of Hajjah province, funded by the coalition, Colonel “Mansour Siraj”.

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