IOM: Thousands of Yemeni Families Displaced in 2023

Over 10,135 Yemeni families have been displaced since the beginning of 2023, in a number of Yemeni provinces, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s statement.

The IOM said on Twitter, “With the conflict in Yemen approaching its ninth year, the country is still suffering from the collapse of adequate services and the deterioration of living conditions.”

During the first week of last January of this year, the United Nations has announced the displacement of 353 Yemeni families (representing 2,118 individuals), including 317 families have been displaced due to the conflict in search of security or safety concerns, and that 36 displaced families because of economic reasons.

“The displacement tracking matrix received an alert regarding 230 displaced families to the Al-Qubaita district in Lahj province, south of Yemen, most of whom are displaced from the villages of Dimna Khadir and Mawiyah in Taiz, near Al-Qubaita district, as a result of the ongoing clashes in those areas,” the statement added.

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