UAE begins military encirclement of Hadramout oil plateau

On Wednesday, the UAE began to militarily encircle the Hadramout oil plateau, coinciding with developments in the important province in eastern Yemen.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

In order to secure the lines between Ataq (the administrative center of Shabwa province and the stronghold of Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions) and the area of Al-Abr in the first directorates of Wadi and Desert of Hadramout, UAE forces have pushed their allied factions, led by Shabwa governor Awad Ibn Al-Wazir.

These factions have spread along the main line, reaching the border of the Hadramout oil plateau.

The “Shabwa Defense Forces” reported that the deployment process includes the first phase, which will be followed by other stages in the coming days, although details of the plan have not been disclosed.

Videos have shown new UAE armored vehicles and armored crews equipped with various weapons participating in the deployment operation.

According to security sources in Shabwa, this plan aims to secure a supply line for the Southern Transitional Council factions, which are expected to reach Hadramout. The directives came from the operations room of the Emirati forces in Balhaf.

However, it is not clear whether the UAE is trying to secure a force for the STC to secure the effectiveness of the upcoming Mukalla or if it is part of arrangements for a military escalation there.

These moves come hours before the Hadrami forces’ arrangements to declare the independence of Hadramout from the Wadi and Desert of Hadramout.

The city of Seiyun, the administrative center of the directorates of Wadi and Desert of Hadramout, is witnessing arrangements for a wide meeting that includes various Hadrami forces, and it is likely to announce a Hadrami national charter, similar to the Transitional Council’s in Aden.

The city of Al-Mukalla, the administrative center of the directorates of the coast, is also witnessing STC arrangements to announce the annexation of Hadramout to its state in Aden.

These moves raise Saudi fears of Emirati arrangements for escalation. Earlier, the journalist close to Saudi intelligence, Ali Al-Arishi, accused the UAE of being behind the return of Faraj Al-Bahsni, a presidential member, to support the STC to seizing the oil governorate.

Hadramout, which is a strategic location, is also in a difficult situation as a result of Riyadh’s decision to subject it to its authority and emphasize that it is a red line, as the commander of support and backup in the coalition, Sultan Al-Baqmi, recently stated during his visit to Al-Mukalla, while the UAE is trying to gain a foothold there, not to mention the American moves.

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